Introducing DFS Player Rankings! DFSgold now provides player rankings for DFS players across multiple sports including NFL, MLB, NBA and NASCAR. Current rankings only include results from tracked contests on FanDuel and DraftKings, however, additional DFS site results, including Yahoo!, are forthcoming.

The ranking methodology has been developed by the same team that created the Bluff/ESPN Power Rankings for poker players and the Fight! Magazine MMA Fighter Rankings. Our DFS Player Rankings control for both volume of play and absurdly-large-field wins, and is predominently based on finishing position, field size, and contest buy-in. Players must have at least five cashes in tracked contests to receive an initial ranking. Note: You can also use the search box in the top left corner to search for any DFS player.

2016 DFSgold POY Rankings presented byupdated: 04/04/2017

RankDaily Fantasy UsernameRank Pts
1DraftKings pianoclub325.84
2FanDuel mjclub277.25
3DraftKings ChipotleAddict256.65
4DraftKings Kobe4MVP246.63
5DraftKings youdacao241.31
6DraftKings SaahilSud238.22
7FanDuel bcalicore233.87
8FanDuel cheddabisque230.66
9FanDuel booourns226.27
10DraftKings TheClone219.81

DFS MLB Rankings (2016 Season)updated: 10/20/2016

RankDaily Fantasy UsernameRank Pts
1DraftKings SaahilSud362.50
2DraftKings ehafner333.55
3DraftKings ChipotleAddict333.36
4DraftKings papagates309.86
5DraftKings youdacao293.38
6DraftKings underjones284.62
7FanDuel chipotleaddict266.31
8DraftKings Assani260.76
9FanDuel saahilsud257.87
10DraftKings BrandonAdams250.67

DFS NBA Rankings (2016-17 Season)updated: 04/04/2017

RankDaily Fantasy UsernameRank Pts
1FanDuel cheddabisque414.31
2DraftKings pianoclub395.71
3DraftKings Kobe4MVP382.60
4FanDuel mjclub369.09
5DraftKings SaahilSud355.44
6DraftKings Awesemo340.85
7FanDuel booourns340.81
8DraftKings kingfi333.67
9DraftKings jae686325.87
10DraftKings ChipotleAddict325.73

DFS NFL Rankings (2015-16 Season)updated: 02/15/2017

RankDaily Fantasy UsernameRank Pts
1DraftKings papagates341.91
2DraftKings ChipotleAddict318.19
3DraftKings KCfan1968283.30
4DraftKings SaahilSud252.25
5DraftKings rayofhope251.91
6DraftKings underjones248.61
7FanDuel saahilsud234.80
8DraftKings DraftCheat233.03
9DraftKings Rotomania226.57
10FanDuel chipotleaddict224.23