Don’t have time to do hours of research? Let us do the research for you. The MLB Hitter Daily Fantasy Cheat Sheet aggregates much of the information required to make quick and easy starting lineup decisions.


Players are listed in descending order based on Projected Fpts. Filter by team or position and/or sort by salary, cost per projected fantasy point ($/Fpt), or projected fantasy points. Identify streaks with color-coded Last 4 Game performance log.

Batter Independent Fantasy Points (BIFP) - Projected Fpts is based on Batter Independent Fantasy Points (BIFP) and BIFP allowed by starting pitchers. BIFP is a measure of fantasy points produced solely via the individual batter vs. pitcher matchup (assumes no baserunners or subsequent batters). The only RBIs and runs scored counted are in the case of a homerun where the batter is assumed to score and register an RBI for batting himself in. BIFP is based on the hitter’s last 50 plate appearances versus L or R.


Fpts – Dark Green = exceeds WIN VALUE (average value required to win a GPP), Light Green = exceeds CASH VALUE (average value required to cash in a GPP)


Player – Click on Player Name to access player page.

Sal – Salary of player for that day.

Team – Player’s current team. Click on Team to access Team page.

o/u – Over/under. Expected total runs to be scored in game.

Avg Fpts – Average BIFP per 5 plate appearances over last 50 plate appearances versus L or R handed pitchers (whichever is appropriate for the batter that game).

Opposing SP vsL and vsR – This is a measure of BIFP allowed to L and R handed hitters per plate appearance versus the league average.

Projected Fpts – Projected BIFP versus opposing starting pitcher.

Projected $/Fpt – Cost per projected fantasy point.

Season Stats – various season stats for the current season.

vs Split stats – Hitter stats versus L or R handed pitching (whichever is appropriate for the batter that game).

Season Fpts – Displays average fantasy points per game played and season high fantasy score for a single game.

Last 4 Games – Actual fantasy points earned in player’s last four games.